Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Learning How To Read

I absolutely love this book and so does my little princess.

I don't remember where I got it but she pulled it out of her library to read to her last week. When I looked at it to read, I stopped. I turned to her and said "no. You are going to read it to me today." She looked at me strangely and I told her that I would help her with any words she could not figure out on her own.

Little a had a box.
He said, "I will fill my box."
Little a put on his hat and went for a walk.
He found apples, apples, apples.
He put the apples into his box.
Little a found an alligator.
He put the alligator into his box.
Little a found ants, ants, ants.
"In you go, ants," he said.

She read most of it...slowly....but on her own. I had to help her with the words "walk, found, and said." The rest she sounded out and figured out.

The next night she wanted to try to read some more. Great! She did it again. I helped her with the same words. She wants to read it again tonight except I am wise to this. She tends to memorize her books so I have to be careful that she learn how to read and not memorize. I decided I would need to switch it up a bit.

So I went online to find the boxed set and I found a really nice set on ebay. I am so excited for it to come so she can read more and more. I am very confident that by the time kindergarten comes in 4 months, she will be more than ready.

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