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Carnival of Family Life

Welcome to the September 24, 2007 edition of carnival of family life. I am so honored to have been able to host this week. I think that we must have broken a record of over 80 posts! I read each and every one of them and learned a great deal. After that many posts my eyes start to blur so if I have made a typo or any other mistake please forgive me. That said, I hope you all have as much fun at this carnival as I did putting it together.

Family Circle

Learn some special tips on how to make dinner special as Tiffany Washko presents Do You Eat Together? posted at Natural Family Living Blog

Loraine presents Quick Tip: The Evening Stroll posted at Time for Family, and learn how their daughter's love of bike riding has brought the family together.

JHSEsq presents a beautiful story in Surrounded By Angels and the Peace They Bring posted at Colloquium, saying, "Do you believe in angels? JHSEsq does -- and believes that they have assisted her family in tangible ways."

Janine Cate presents What about band? - Day Three posted at Why Homeschool, saying, "Janine writes about picking up the trumpet again, after twenty years, largely because her daughter is playing the clarinet in a Symphony Orchestra."

Eric Ellen presents a unique look at your growing child in If You Are Aware of This Important Reality Your Perspective On Parenting and Kids Will Forever Change posted at Husbandhood.

Doug Boude presents Promoting Family Unity: A Weekend at the Beach! posted at Doug Boude (rhymes with 'loud'). Join in on his fun-filled event.

Kyle James presents 10 Solid Parenting Hacks posted at Blog, saying, "Some practical tips to make parenting a little easier."

Alta presents 80 Miles Round Trip posted at Love Country Living. where she shows how a long car ride can provide many learning experiences.

If you want some super tips on how to teach your kids financial lessons visitSuper Saver presents Financial Lessons From My Parents posted at My Wealth Builder.

Sibling rivalry can exist in a home with a new baby and a beloved pet. But Kevin Heath presents When Baby and Pet Meet posted at Baby Development and Breastfeeding Resourcesand shows us how to blend the two.

FamilyBriefs presents Family » Blog Archive » Sleepless in Alabama posted at Family There is nothing quite like sleep deprivation!

Kids, Kids, and More Kids

Micellaneous Mum presents An apologia to my offspring posted at Miscellanous Adventures of an Aussie Mum, saying, "Trying to make nice to my kids during a nasty week!"

If you are a parent you certainly have had to deal with this topic. Abel Cheng presents 5 Essential Ways of Dealing with an Angry Child posted at Parent Wonder.

Chief Family Officer presents Review: Kozy Carrier Mei Tai (& Special Offer!) posted at CFO: Chief Family Officer, saying, "I love wearing my baby and I also love my Kozy mei tai!"

Laura Young presents What Ever Happened to the Carnival of Courage Mascots? They're Wanted...WAAANTED posted at Dragon Slayer, saying, "Please indulge an auntie. I don't have kids of my own but am related to a couple American Idol fans that I caught rocking out to Bon Jovi."

Awesome Mom presents Breakfast Blues posted at Our Family Village, saying, "I think I may have stumbles on a solution to my son’s breakfast eating quirks."

Summer presents Toliet Paper and Breastfeeding posted at Wired For Noise. See the breastfeeding comments that has this mom in an uproar.

Derek Brown presents You Can Advance Your Childs Brain Power By 3 Years! posted at Digital Storme | Life On The Web, saying, "Well research has proven that there is yet another way to give our children the advantage they so desperately need to succeed in this competitive world of ours. And that advantage is a daily supplement of Omega 3 from fish oil."

Melitsa presents How curious? posted at, saying, "It was interesting to watch a thought be acted out by my preschooler. See where curiosity leads your child..."

Corey presents Mothering Style posted at Living and Loving Every Minute of It!. Find out which style you are.

Ariah Fine presents Optimism and Fussy Babies posted at Mother Approves Blog. Yes, the two can happen together.

Do you ever wonder if you are missing some warning signs when it comes to the healthy of your baby? Jenny presents Common Mistakes by Mom posted at the so called me.

Megan Bayliss presents What is Child Protection? posted at Imaginif..., saying, "Child protection is something that we all need to practice (and mostly already do) in order to protect all kids."

Terri Mauro presents Finding a Special Job for a Special Kid posted at About Parenting Special Needs. She says that unexpected jobs can come from unexpected places.

The search is on as mom & dad presents Kids and Braces: Losing a Retainer posted at Find out what they are looking for.

Do you ever wonder how to get your husband's attention away from the computer or maybe get him to do more housework? Karen Patrick presents YOUR ?FILL IN THE BLANK? MAKES ME HOT! posted at Coming to a Nursery Near You. and find out how to get your man to do what you want.

Erica Douglas presents ADHD - A Convenient Excuse? posted at LittleMummy.Com. Join in on this common debate.

This soon-to-be grandmother (again) Jody DeVere presents 10 Children's Car Books I Love posted at Ask Patty - Automotive Advice for Women. and hopes that her love of cars rubs on at least one of her darling grandchildren.

Learn how to cope when you go past your due date.Leisa presents » Blog Archive posted at

Hannah Russell-Davis presents 10 Essential Packing Rules when you’re Traveling with the Kids posted at Family Hack, saying, "This sanity saving post is a must read for any parent."

:: Suzanne :: presents sleep, eat, swim, repeat posted at :: adventures in daily living ::. You will turn green with envy when you see how this family spends their vacation time.

Laura presents a reflection posted at Adventures in Juggling, saying, "just a bit of wisdom i came across recently that i will remind myself of the next time my circus clowns are driving me crazy...that will most likely be this afternoon when they return home from school."

manicmama presents Can Children Learn How To Be Happy? posted at manicmama. Find out the answer to this question.

Lill Hawkins presents I Got Rhythm posted at News from Hawkhill Acresand shows that trying to coordinate social schedules can prove to be a real challenge.

Anne Maybus presents The Tall Poppy posted at The Tall Poppy, saying, "As a parent you need a whole new set of skills to cope with life in the wide world."

On Motherhood

Doris Chua presents Be a Hip Mamma! posted at Welcome to with these adorable maternity fashions.

Emma Honey presents Miss M and a lesson in manners posted at, saying, "A little act of kindness restores some faith in humanity"

zamejias presents 30 Things posted at Verb. Listen to her describe the 30 things she has learned about being a mom.

Sheila Scarborough presents Nursing is best for a traveling baby posted at Family Travel: See The World With Your Kids, saying, "Can you nurse a baby and travel at the same time (plus chew gum?"

Leslie Williams presents Yeah, I can...oh; no...I have to...wait, maybe posted at Do You Weary Like I Do?, saying, "Craziness of a busy mom"

It's been a year since the death of her mom. Jessie presents Hunna's Happenings: My Mom posted at Hunna's Happenings. A touching tribute to the mom she still misses.

The Joys of Fatherhood

Exploding diapers aren't just for moms to clean up. Mathew Butka presents Adventures Of A Stay At Home Dad: Mothers - Beware The Plight Of Stay At Home Dads! posted at Adventures Of A Stay At Home Dad.

Aaron Emerson presents Personal Development For Dads Challenge #4 - Live In The Moment posted at Dadviser, saying, "Learn how you can be a better dad with these great ideas for seizing the day."

Jared Hoylman presents To Sex Or Not To Sex? posted at where he explores the choices between finding out the sex of your unborn baby.

George presents Becoming a Father posted at Man and his Babywhere he talks about his hopes and dreams for the relationships between himself, his father, and his new child.

Marital Bliss

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Taking Our Marriage's Temperature posted at Mad Kane's Humor Blog. You are sure to agree with her cute little poem about marriage.

Heather Cotten presents Cooking Blunder posted at .: The SoapBox :., See what happens when you feed to much garlic at your very first dinner party.

ABCs of Education

Joy Miller presents Online degrees from Penn State posted at Online College Blog, saying, "If you are looking for an online college with a stellar reputation, you might want to consider one of Penn State’s 50 online degree programs."

Summer presents A Is For Apple... posted at Mom Is Teaching, saying, "A look back at our first week of homeschooling this year."

Dana presents A homeschooler's guide to unhappiness posted at Principled Discovery. where she gives us the most hilarious pointers in keeping your homeschooler unhappy.

Going Green

Activist Mommy presents It's Easy Being Green posted at Activist Mommy, saying, "Share tips on how your family tries to be eco-friendly and win the book It's Easy Being Green"

Check out the newest car trends as Jody DeVere presents GM 2008 Collection is Coming up Roses with a Focus on Energy Diversity posted at Ask Patty - Automotive Advice for Women.

Tasty Recipes

Bored of the same old chicken recipe? Csara presents Family Friendly Chicken Dijon posted at Baby Talkersand cures your chicken blues.

Jenny Rapson presents Cake Makin’ with a Manic Mama posted at Mommin' It Up!. Her cakes are absolutely beautiful.

On Health

FitBuff presents Lifeline Screening: 15 Types of Blood Tests and Checkups You Need posted at's Total Mind and Body Fitness Blog, saying, "How do you make sure you are aware of your true overall health condition without becoming a paranoid hypochondriac?. Read more to find out."

Terri Holley presents Outsmarting the Status Quo: Strategy #5 - Create a Physical Energy Source posted at The Health and Life Mixing Bowl, saying, "We often overlook the important role our physical bodies play in caring for and keeping up with our families."

Get a head start this fall with some awesome food finds. Char Polanosky presents 20 Healthy Fall Fruits and Vegetables posted at Raising A Healthy Family.

Alvaro Fernandez presents Judith Beck: Train Your Brain to Think Like a Thin Person posted at SharpBrains, saying, "Interview with Dr. Judith Beck, cognitive therapy pioneer, on how those techniques can help lose weight in a healthy manner."

halcyonica presents The Yoga Studio is a Good Place For Men Too | posted at DayPrimer - Your life. Primed.. Yoga isn't just for women anymore.

Carole Fogarty presents Calm your mind and ?unplug? your stresses, worries and concerns in two and half minutes: posted at
THE HEALTHY LIVING LOUNGE, saying, "This is my personal all time favorite quick fix to restore sanity to my life. Enjoy."

Around The House

Vee presents Can't Hold A Candle posted at Marcy's Barn. where she shares some candle stories and tips to burning beautiful candles.

HowToMe presents Is it possible to make a Drip-less Candle? posted at HowToMe, saying, "Cooler days are coming! There are many drip-less candles recipes available."

Dust mites often play safe by sneaking into spaces between bedclothes, carpets, stuffed furniture and similar soft objects. Learn more about these pesky creatures as Aparna presents Beware of dust mites on your pillows posted at
Beauty and Personality Grooming

On Saving Money

Annette Berlin presents Kids Gifts From The Dollar Store posted at Frugal Journey, saying, "Buying gifts for kids can be murder on your pocketbook…but it doesn't have to be. Read here for more information.

Yes you CAN make your own baby wipes and diaper creams. Linsey B. Knerl presents DIY Baby Care for Your Cheap Bum posted at Wise Bread. and shows you just how to do it and save some money along the way.

paidtwice presents Experiments in Frugality: Disaster Number One posted at I've Paid For This Twice Already...How to avoid the pitfalls when you are trying to save money.

On The TV

pickel presents Can Aspergers Win Top Model? posted at
My Two Boys.A story about overcoming a disability to follow a dream.

For A Few Laughs

Want to read some gross stories that are actually more funny than gross? Riley presents What's Grosser Than Gross? posted at
All Rileyed Up.

You gotta love a good customer service story. Stephanie has a few of them as she presents Customer Service Pet Peeve posted at Stop the Ride!.

For an intriguing dialogue catch Charlie Close as he presents
>Blue is a Boy (Charlie and Kathy story) posted at Summer Grasses, stories from the seasons of life by Charlie Close

Loveliness of Poetry

Donetta presents A Smiling Wife (Poem) posted at A Life Uncommon, saying, "There is a simple power in a womans smile."

On Personal Development

You must read this if you are considering leaving your career for one reason or another. Silicon Valley Blogger presents Why I Want To Retire Early, Change Roles and Live On One Income posted at The Digerati Life

See how a digital photograph can be altered to whatever you want. David B. Bohl presents A Virtual Day, Place, and Time - Re-examining My Perceptions of Reality posted at Slow Down Fast Today!.

Have you ever feared failing? Most do but GP presents Feel The Fear and Doing it Anyway posted at Innside Innkeeping - Montana Country Styleand shows us how to get through it.

Tupelo Kenyon presents Make Assumptions Obsolete by Communicating posted at Tupelo Kenyon, saying, "The answers to unnecessary assumptions is in clear communication."

Edith Yeung presents How to Read People and Get Your Point Across? posted at Edith Yeung.Com: Dream. Think. Act..

Dr. Neill Neill presents Trust and the Healthy Family posted at Practical Psychology for Capable People, saying, "The origins of inability to trust are usually found in childhood. "Learn how to recognize them and how to deal with these issues.

Halloween Treasures

Deb presents Only 40 days until Halloween... posted at Mom Of 3 Girls, saying, "It's never too early to start thinking about how to handle Halloween - the costumes, the candy... BOO! :)"

Bring your appetite because Host Bee presents Halloween Night Buffet posted at Busy Bee Lifestyle.

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