Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mother Duckie

On my way to work this morning I saw one of the cutest scenes I had seen in quite some time. 

The scene was of a mother duck walking with about 10 of her little baby ducklings running right behind her.  At first it struck me because I can never get enough of little baby ducklings. They are so cute and tiny and yellow.  They walk with their tiny feet so fast in an effort to keep up with their momma making sure to never get lost behind.  They all go in the same direction.  Not one ever strays or rebels.

The momma inevitably walks with pride. She is so gigantic compared to the babies but she walks slowly so they don't get too far behind.  Occasionally she stops and looks back in order to make sure no one got lost.  She is very protective so you probably shouldn't mess around with her or something bad might happen.

Eventually she waddles her way to a canal, hops in, and the babies follow.  Content.

At first I was fascinated because of the cuteness of it all but then after they waddled off I couldn't help to think how much this scenario mirrors that of us human moms.  I totally related to this duck! 

At first I only had one little duckling. 

Then there was a second.


Then 3.

And then there were 4. 

When they were tiny humans they followed me around wherever I went.  They went in my direction.  They didn't stray or rebel. 

So many times I looked back to check to see if they were still there and didn't get lost.  Many times I found myself having to protect them from the nasty elements.  I got myself in a few fights but that's what us mommas do.  We fight for our ducklings proudly and fiercely and we don't apologize for it.

Eventually our ducklings grow up and leave the nest just like those little ducklings will eventually do.  And maybe she will look back and relish on the days when her babies followed her around, paid attention, and shared love.

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