Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday Morning Me

A new week has begun and I checked back at the calendar to find myself wondering how I intended to do all of this.  I have so many deliverables at work, 15 end of year reviews to do, and a bunch of job interviews to prepare for.  I better start figuring it out, right?

Around the house - this week I get a break.  Monday is a holiday so there is no work, no dance, no school, and no CCD.  Thinking how I can bribe my work, the school, and dance class to do more holidays like these. 

What my kids are doing - Kelly started a new dance class a few weeks ago and really liked it. It's new for her because it's hip hop and the group is much older than she is used to.  I am hoping she finds her rhythm. So far she is keeping up.  Varsity baseball is coming up and I understand the team is thirsty for a thin, fast junior to start at left field.  Any idea who they might have in the line up?  I do.

I'm noticing - How much my house has been screaming for a new paint job.  I don't know how I have lasted these past 8 years without it but it needs it desperately and I am starting to see paint cans around here.  We are moving in the right direction.

I am proud of - A few people for making good choices.  Kevin called me the other day on the phone.  That in and of itself makes me happy. He was talking about his classes and his schedule and it looks like he is getting a lot of studying time in which makes me double happy.  He told me he will not pursue intramural baseball because of his studies.  Another good choice. Then there is Ryan.  I am noticing more studying and better grades and college brochures.

Did you know? - I am coming up to a 10 year wedding anniversary.  More to come on that but a little birdie whispered to me that 10 years is not diamond.  It's coach purse!  I hope someone mentioned that to the hubby.

On my table - 5 pint size paint cans in different colors.  Did I mention how happy I am to be painting the inside of this house.  Oh and I get a double bonus. We are going to be painting the outside of the front door too!  I have always disliked that color.

Good thoughts - This may sound superficial but I love my bootcamp class mainly because my friends who go are so much better than me.  Most people might get discouraged but I don't.  I just use it as a way to keep up and that makes me push myself harder.  I just wish my knees worked better.

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