Thursday, December 29, 2011

First College Semester

It's so funny.  In August when I handed my first born baby boy off to the major university that would now be known as his home away from home, I never imagined myself to feel as lonely without him as I did and do.  It probably seems obvious to the casual observer that I would have these feelings but when one is in the thick of it it's easy to not realize.

Let's face it.  Kids are usually off to college mentally even before they physically go off to college.  Mine was no different. I could tell.  The day after he graduated he was outfitted in his new university's latest garb and talking all summer about what he was going to pack and what his dorm room was going to look like. 

And now that the first semester is over I am learning to love and cherish the little time I have with him even on the extended breaks.  I cherish the new rare dinner where all 6 of us are gathered around the table.  I have learned to communicate more by text message or on facebook.  Life isn't how it used to be when I went to school but times have changed and I am adjusting.  I admit it's hard to get used to but I also realize that this is what growing is all about, isn't it?

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