Saturday, July 2, 2011

Killer Bootcamp

Why does it seem that every week the bootcamps I go to are always harder than the prior week? Am I not getting better and therefore they shouldn't be as hard or are the exercises getting harder and I am struggling just as much to keep up?

Regardless, they are killer and very difficult to get through. But I suppose that is the whole point, right? I mean if they were easy who would get results?

Two things remain the same. The first is that no matter how hard the exercises are I always struggle through them but then feel amazing afterward. Yeah I might feel a little sore but overall my senses are stronger. My legs feel stronger. My heart feels better. I feel like I can breathe easier. I just feel awakened.

The second thing is that I love the people that I exercise with. It's like as if we all share the struggle. When one of us is wheezing, the other one is talking the other through it because we all know what it feels like. There have been days when I have come to bootcamp feeling like death warmed over and then there are times when I have felt ready to kick it. So I know the struggles and I know how others feel when they are not feeling so well either.

It's so great when we can all share the highs and the lows and can help keep each other going. That's the beauty of bootcamps.
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