Monday, September 3, 2012

The Week According to MeMe

Around the house - I cannot believe it is September already which means a birthday next weekend for the hubster which means I get to give him a much deserved birthday gift.  A panini maker. Yes it's something he has been wanting for a very long time.  And then there is a birthday for my little-est baby boy who turns 7. 

What my kids are doing - First week of coach pitch baseball and well into the first few weeks of school.  Going to post more on school work.  It's a big year for my baby girl.  4th grade means much benchmarking in math, reading, science, and essay writing.  School issued ipads for my senior boy and still having trouble downloading some textbooks.  I love technology but I hate it when it does not work. 

I'm noticing - it's still so so hot in South Florida for someone training for the NYC marathon.  10 mile taper run yesterday and afterward I must have gulped a gallon of ice water.  Now I know what camels feel like.

I am proud of - my college boy.  Because he knows how so very important this semester is to him and both he and I are praying that things go well.

On my table - yesterday I made birthday cupcakes for both me and the hubster and I decided to ditch the canned frosting for homemade and what a difference. So delicious and easy (melt a cup of semi sweet chocolate chips to 1 cup of heavy cream...add 2 tablespoons of mixture in refrigerator for an hour....take out of refrigerator and whip until smooth...).  See how easy that is and so worth it.

Good thoughts - We are painting the inside of the house this week and we are way too excited about it.  We are also planning a date night in the near future which is equally exciting.

Have a great week!!!!
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