Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Howdy Visitor

I get hundreds of visitors to this blog every day. No lie! It's been going on for a few years.  No lie! They even come when I don't post anything.  I find this phenomenon to be fascinating.  I know the number of visitors because I have a counter on my blog that gives me daily stats.  The numbers usually go up around major holidays and I have visitors from all over the globe.

So the big question is what are they coming to look at?  Quite frankly they are coming to look at this post.  And this one.  They want to make a rue (or is it roux?).  So they go to google and type in the word "rue" or "how to make a rue" and my blog is the first entry on google to appear.  Isn't that funny?  So my visitors hit my blog and watch the video of how to make a "rue".  Sometimes they even post a comment thanking me.

I have also had people criticize me for misspelling the word "rue" but I don't change it because everyone who googles "how to make a rue" also misspells the word.  Hence that is how they hit my blog.

I have tried over time to get the people who go to my rue posts to burn my feed and stick around for other blog posts.  I am not sure if they do that but I don't think so because I am getting substantially fewer hits on my other posts.

Either way if you read this I hope you stick around or burn my feed in a reader and come back and visit.  There are lots of good things going around oldest is coming home next week from college for the first time since the Fall semester started and there are many others fun things going on with my other peanuts. 

Unless you want to make a rue.  You can find that here too.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Age Gap

A lot of people often ask me how things run in my family having two older teenagers (18 and 16) and two small children (8 and 6).  The truth is that I never really have given it a second thought and not something I go around consciously thinking about.  There are definite advantages as well as disadvantages to having kids with a 10 year separation.

In the beginning when the older ones were younger it seemed to be much easier.  The younger ones were babies and therefore didn't have opinions on where we should go and what we should do.  The older ones were much more attentive and loving to the babies.  They were at the age where they were capable of helping me out with small tasks around the house like collecting laundry, getting me a baby bottle, and helping me with anything I needed.  Of course as they grew up into high school teens that all changed and suddenly they had their own lives.

As you can imagine the desires of teenagers of which restaurant to go to, what movie to see, and what place to visit on vacation can vary dramatically from the desires of young kids.  The teens don't necessarily want to go on It's a Small World and the young ones don't want to go on Space Mountain. 

A lot of times the young ones act "silly" and the older ones can no longer relate even though they were just as "silly" when they were that age.  The older ones don't remember when they begged to go to Chuckie Cheese but they did and can no longer understand the desire of the little ones to go there now.

The older ones are less tolerant now that they are older and "know better."  They often ask me "why don't you just punish them when they get loud and scream and run around in a vortex?"  I remind them that I did the same with them when they were this age.  They don't seem to recall or believe me.

But then there will be the times when we are at my littlest one's t-ball game and his older brothers (who play high school baseball) are cheering for him and offering him hints of advice.  Watching this phenomenon in action is indeed a rare scene but when it does happen it makes me feel so good inside.  Sure I wish it would happen more often but when it does I relish in it and enjoy it.
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